Ultraviolet Air sanitation

UV-C Air Sanitizers protect people in your facility from infection due to airborne microbes

United UV-C's leasing is an excellent alternative to ownership. We offer competitive monthly rates, which are inclusive of installation by one of our EPA certified Indoor Air Quality Technicians. We also include comprehensive service and maintenance of the unit; ensuring your system is providing optimal air purification, protecting you and your space to it's full ability!


Purifying Air & Destroying Airborne Bio-contaminants

Disinfects the air through your existing HVAC system. 

Installing ultraviolet in the ventilation duct allows for maximum disinfection due to a prolonged exposure of the bio-contaminants to high-power UVC.


These units are able to connect to your building management system or simply plug in to power outlet for simple operation. 

Our patented in-duct UV systems have been successfully tested by EPA for Homeland Security in the United States.

  • Completes the work of filters by sterilizing what goes through them

  • No addition to pressure losses

  • Ensures continuous air quality

  • Destroys up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants

When you contact United UV-C, our EPA certified indoor air quality experts will help you select the best system for your application. 

  • In-Duct UV systems are a highly effective way to protect your staff and customers from infection due to airborne microbes — particularly in occupied areas and in situations where the risk of cross infection is high.

  • An ultraviolet in-duct air sanitation system will disinfect any air that passes through your building air ducts to help create a healthy place to breathe.

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