Appealing to the "Germ-Conscious Traveler"

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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Now more than ever, travelers are looking to stay where they feel is safe and sanitized. Travelers will immediately eliminate options that don’t meet their standards. Beyond just the expectation of cleanliness – trusted sterilization and disinfection has become a major focus for hotel guests.

Meanwhile hotels are busy trying to find that special something that will set them apart from all of the other hotel chains – especially for the valuable millennial population.  According to the United Nations, it’s estimated that more than $180 billion in annual tourism revenue comes from the millennial generation.

Hotels have changed their core hotel experiences – all to better suit the desires of this population driving the tourism industry.  A recent study by Choice Hotels indicated that “61% of millennial's surveyed said they carry hand sanitizer when traveling.”  This generation has more individuals that identify themselves as "germophobes" (42% of Millenials vs 27% of Generation X and 21% of Boomers) according to a study done by Purell Hand Sanitizer.  Sanitation techniques and disinfection processes will be the newest and most important thing that travelers judge when selecting a hotel. To set themselves apart from the competition and to earn the trust of their guests, hotels must utilize the most advanced sanitation technologies available.

Hotels are looking towards a proven solution that hospitals have relied on for decades to perform quick rooms turns with mandatory disease preventing sterilization. The answer is UV-C Light.


Now imagine a hotel protected by UV-C Light Technology.  Your rooms would be sterilized using cutting-edge solution designed to begin killing bacteria as soon as the light is activated.  Your entire space is disinfected from all those hidden germs left behind from the last guest. United UV-C's Process kills 99.97% of all disease causing viruses and germs on EVERY surface and in the air of your space - instantly and without chemicals.

Traditional cleaning methods are labor intensive, there is a very high potential for cross contamination, and a high margin for human error as well; all of which can leave illness causing germs still inside your hotel. Most people don't realize that disinfecting chemicals are only to be used on hard non-porous surfaces and they must remain wet for several minutes in order to actually disinfect.

Hotels are full of surfaces that are unable to be disinfected by chemicals. The wall vinyl materials, fabric on the furniture and headboards down to the carpets can all be quickly and completely sanitized with UV-C Light.

Clean Slate Service Plan

United UV-C's EPA Indoor Air Quality Certified Service Technicians come to your business each week with our High Output UV-C Light Sterilization Equipment to perform a complete disinfection of your space. One technician is capable of disinfecting over 10,000 sq. feet an hour and the space can be re-occupied immediately afterwards. 

Why a Weekly Service Plan?

The goal is for your business to start off each week with a "Clean Slate" of disinfection. A Weekly Service Agreement  is Our Best Value.

With a Sterilization Process performed each week in your business, your staff and guests are better protected and you can rest assured that your business starts off each week as clean as it can be.

Contact United UV-C to Speak to a Representative about adding a UV-C Sterilization Program to Your Hotel's Cleaning Plan or Call 1-855-723-6883

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