Ultraviolet Light Sanitation: Businesses 'Secret Weapon'

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Coronavirus has devastated the global economy and has killed hundreds of thousands of people as it spreads exponentially. Covid-19 brought the importance of sanitation to the forefront of customers minds, and businesses understand that providing proper sanitation will be key to getting back to normal in a world with a looming pandemic threat.

Chemicals do not disinfect fabrics or the air

Spraying disinfectant chemicals has been used as a sanitation technique to help keep facilities clean; while disinfectants have their place - their effectiveness is very limited. These corrosive chemicals are only to be used on hard, non-porous surfaces and must remain visibly wet for several minutes to kill viruses.

They are also only to be used in well ventilated areas. This manual cleaning process is labor intensive and does nothing to disinfect furniture, fabrics and most importantly… the air.

But there is another option:

Germicidal Ultraviolet light is an extremely effective, chemical-free disinfectant that has been used for more than 100 years and is proven to quickly kill bacteria and viruses. Including coronavirus. UV light has been used for decades in hospitals and operating rooms to prevent the spread of infection by sanitizing ALL surfaces, as well as rapidly and continuously disinfecting the air we breathe.

The Clean Slate Service

The goal of our Clean Slate Service is to start off each week with a clean slate of disinfection. With a sterilization process performed each week, your staff and customers are better protected and you can rest assured that your business starts off each week as clean as it can be. Our expertly trained and EPA certified technicians perform our disinfection process safely and efficiently around your schedule.

Between Treatments, United UV-C’s Room Air Sanitizers protect your personnel and customers from infection due to airborne microbes. Particularly in crowded areas or in situations where the risk of cross infection is high. These fixtures can provide the equivalent of over 25 fresh room air changes per hour!

Room air sanitizers are germicidal ultraviolet fixtures that effectively destroy airborne bacteria, mold and viruses in enclosed occupied spaces. Because HEPA filters cannot capture small, virus sized microbes; UV room air sanitizers are highly recommended by the United States Center for Disease Control and other health and safety authorities as an effective solution to reduce the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious airborne diseases.

These fixtures are designed to project invisible UV rays across the upper room air, thereby destroying bacteria and viruses that are carried into the ultraviolet field by convection currents and air circulation.

Paired with one of our powerful Ultraviolet air purifiers, you will have an affordable and effective system that works together to continuously disinfect the air in an occupied room to prevent cross contamination and the spreading of diseases.

Germicidal Ultraviolet is being utilized in restaurants, hotels, offices, and schools. It is an effective solution for anyplace people gather indoors.

Give your staff and customers the ultimate peace of mind with complete hospital level sanitation of the air AND surfaces in your building.

Contact us at United for a free facility sanitation consultation with one of our EPA indoor air quality certified technicians.

In an ever-changing world, United UV-C provides you with the power of prevention

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