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United UV-C's leasing is an excellent alternative to ownership. We offer competitive monthly rates, which are inclusive of installation by one of our EPA certified Indoor Air Quality Technicians.

We also include comprehensive service and maintenance of the unit; ensuring your machine is providing optimal viral defense, protecting you and your space to it's full ability!

HEPA Purification & Ultraviolet Air Sterilization Units

If you are looking to improve indoor air quality, this product category consists of HEPA / UV Air Purification systems designed to purify and destroy biological and chemical contaminants that circulate throughout the building or facility.

Designed to protect indoor environments with the combined performance of HEPA filtration, UV air purification and odor removal in one self-contained unit

product highlights
  • Designed with the combined performance of HEPA filtration, UV air purification in one self-contained unit

  • Utilizes Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV-C) Lamps.

  • Destroys harmful bacteria, mold and viruses in the air.

  • For use in occupied areas.

  • Continuous disinfection without special attention.

  • Industry leading warranty.

product highlights
  • ​Disinfects the air and Surfaces in unoccupied spaces. 

  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel and Aluminum

  • Utilizes High Output (HO) Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV-C) Lamps

  • Irradiates air and exposed surfaces with ultraviolet rays

  • For use in unoccupied areas

  • Rooms as large as 3,500 sq. ft. can be treated in 15 minutes

  • 24-Hour Timer allows treatment time to be customized to room size

  • Continuous disinfection without special attention

  • The Best Warranty in the Industry!


UV Portable Air

& Surface Sanitizers

Our Surface & Air Sanitizers have been carefully conceived in order to provide germicidal ultraviolet disinfection for air and exposed surfaces of an unoccupied area, by means of High Output (HO) Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. These special lamps generate high levels of germicidal ultraviolet radiation lethal to infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and virus.

The ultraviolet disinfection dosage is a function of time and intensity to which the air and surrounding surfaces are exposed.


Our UV Application Specialists would be happy to perform the necessary calculations to ensure the sanitizer we provide is appropriate for your particular application.

UV Indirect Air Disinfection Fixtures

The principal application of Germicidal Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection Fixtures is to purify the upper room air in occupied spaces in order to reduce the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious airborne microbes.


These fixtures are designed to project the ultraviolet rays across the upper room air, thereby destroying bacteria and virus that are carried into the ultraviolet field by convection currents or air circulation. 


Upper Room Air UV Disinfection Fixtures provide the equivalent of 25 Room Air Changes (ACH) Per Hour. More than double the CDC's  recommended guidelines for environmental infection control in health-care facilities.

product highlights

  • Provides the equivalent of 25 Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

  • Irradiates air flow within ultraviolet field in upper portion of room

  • Ultraviolet indirect air disinfection for use in occupied areas

  • Disinfects air in seconds, reducing the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious airborne microbes

  • Requires little power to operate

  • Interior surface is polished maximizing ultraviolet intensity